Sen. Bongbong: Improve education; make Pinoy graduates more competitive

Press Releases
10 May 2014

Sen. Bongbong made the pitch for quality education during his speech at the Alumni Homecoming of CARAGA State University in Butuan City last week.

He said one strategy to ensure improvement of the country’s educational system is the upgrading of teachers’ capability and dedication to teach by giving them continuous training alongside ensuring their welfare.

The Senator then explained that these targets were the substance of his two bills, Senate Bill No. 115 and Senate Bill No. 109, which are both pending in the Committees on Education, Arts and Culture, and Finance.

Senate Bill No. 115 seeks to enhance the effectiveness of teachers in delivering education to Filipino children by proposing a continuing education for teachers in all levels in public and private schools.

Senate Bill No. 109, on the other hand, seeks to upgrade the minimum salary grade of public elementary and secondary school teachers from salary grade 11 to salary grade 15.

The senator said he wants to bring back the glory days of literacy and educational capability of the Filipinos wherein during the 70s, the Philippines has a 98% literacy rate.

While in Butuan City, Sen. Bongbong also inaugurated a new two-door classroom at Magallanes North High School. The project was funded through his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).