Sandro Marcos: My dad has always taught me not to hold a grudge against anyone

16 April 2016

Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” A. Marcos, 22, eldest son of vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr., proved to be as endearing as his father when he spoke before a student body in Quezon City over the weekend.

Subbing for his father who was in Bohol for a campaign sortie, the young Marcos charmed and delighted the students and faculty of the AMA Education System on Panay Avenue in Quezon City during the university’s forum webcast streamed live in AMA’s 39 campuses across the country.

Interviewed by AMA Executive Director of the Special Projects Division Ludivina Pagkalinawan, Sandro said his father has always told him not to hold a grudge against anyone and instead reach out and offer a helping hand even in the face of the harshest and most painful criticisms.

“Despite my youth and inexperience, I believe him and I think these are the best and surest way to win the trust and the hearts and minds of everybody, including the Anti-Marcoses, the haters, the doubters, and the still-undecided out there,” he said.

And whatever the outcome of the coming elections, the young Marcos said his father will continue to reach out to every Filipino.

When asked about the possibility of making peace with the family’s critics, Sandro said it is highly possible. “Despite everything, I believe in the possibility of making peace someday,” he said.

Sandro also explained how impressed his father was with the cutting-edge system being employed in AMA.

“He said that this is clear testament to the innovation and creativity of AMA, which are precisely the reasons why AMA has continued to make waves in all its strong years in the task of educating the youth of our country,” Sandro said.

In the student-submitted questions portion of the webcast, Sandro answered fun and light-hearted queries from the AMA system’s students from across the country.

When asked whether he believed in the concept of “forever”, the good-natured Sandro took a cue from his father and had this to say, “I do believe in forever - that I'm forever a Filipino and that I will forever love this country.”