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7 January 2022

By Saksi Ngayon

Chief of Staff and Official Spokesperson of Presidential Aspirant Bongbong Marcos, Jr. On declaring the other Marcoses nuisance.

We commend the Comelec for its decision declaring Tiburcio Marcos and Maria Aurora Marcos nuisance candidates.

We give it to the members of this august body for seeing through the schemes and machinations of certain political camps to make a mockery of the electoral process by resorting to gutter politics.

This decision signals that democracy is still alive in our country; and as it prevails, no one shall trample on the people’s right to vote for their choice of candidate.

The right to vote, enshrined in the Philippine Constitution, our right to select our leaders through the ballot, shows the whole world that we are a free people, gifted with the freedom to chart our own destiny.

Our founding fathers have made this privilege a reality with their own blood, with their own lives. Any attempt to circumvent this divine right is indeed sacrilegious.

We have always held that elections are won and lost on election day. Let us all adhere to that.

Again, we praise the Comelec for heeding the voice of truth and wisdom.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat.