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RP can Win Multiple Olympic Gold Medals – Bongbong Marcos

Press Releases
29 March 2010

Bongbong Marcos thinks the Philippines has a chance to pick up multiple gold medals in future Olympic Games if the government will use its resources the right way.

“We have plenty of talents all over the country. But our athletes are turning professional at an early age to earn money,” said Marcos during Friday’s SCOOP sa Kamayan Forum at the Kamayan Restaurant in Padre Faura, Manila.

“Look at the Cubans. They’re dominating Olympic boxing simply because their best boxers are not turning professional.”

He also emphasized the need to focus on sports with the potential to give the country its first ever Olympic gold medal and maybe more.

“We should stop overspending in events that don’t produce good results in international competitions.”

The youthful solon from Ilocos Norte also noted the importance of the local government units in the drive for an Olympic gold.

“We need the active participation of the LGUs in grassroots programs to really get the best talent around.”

But the main objective of promoting sports, according to Bongbong, is for the people to have healthy mind and body. “We will be more productive if we have a healthy lifestyle.”