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Rice Strewn Roads Indicate Lack of Post Harvest Facilities – Bongbong

Press Releases
21 March 2010

TARLAC - Nacionalista Party (NP) senatorial candidate Bongbong Marcos noticed the apparent lack of post-harvest facilities here.

He pointed out the portions of the roads with scattered rice grains during the NP motorcade on Saturday.

“The use of roads as a drying facility for rice is indicative of the lack of post harvest facilities for our farmers. You do not have to be an expert agriculturist to realize that,” Bongbong said.

Bongbong was able to strengthen the farmers’ cooperatives during his term as governor of Ilocos Norte.

By the end of his term, Ilocos Norte is producing 300-percent of its rice requirements and is one of the top rice-exporting provinces in the country.

“My experience in local government has taught me that in order to make significant gains in improving agricultural output, you need to initially invest in infrastructure before embarking on a program that will increase production,” Bongbong said.