reportr : Sandro Seeks Congress Seat, Young Marcoses Assert Themselves in Ilocos Norte

7 October 2021

By Erwin Colcol | reportr

Third generation to local politics.

Third generation Ferdinand Marcos on Thursday filed his candidacy for congressman in Ilocos Norte's first district as the younger members of the family solidify their grip on their bailiwick while the late dictator's heirs battle it out in national politics.

Ferdinand Alexander "Sandro" Marcos, son of Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. filed his candidacy wearing the family's signature color, red. His cousion, Martin Marcos Manotoc, son of Sen. Imee Marcos, is seeking reelection as governor.

Sandro, 27, will be running against incumbent Ilocos Norte Rep. Ria Fariñas, who hails from a rival polirical clan in the province.

Sandro announced his intention to run for Congress as early as Sept. 15 as he thanked his supporters for pushing him to serve the province.

Prior to announcing his election bid, the young Marcos worked as political affairs officer of his uncle, House Majority Leader Ferdinand Martin Romualdez.

On Wednesday, Bongbong Marcos formalized his bid for the presidency for the 2022 elections, where he will face off again with Vice President Leni Robredo, who also announced her intention to seek the highest post in the land.

Victims of the Marcos martial law have opposed Bongbong's candidacy, saying it's like "spitting on the graves" of those who died during his family's rule.