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Rep. Bongbong Marcos' Message of Thanks

11 May 2010

Message of Thanks
of Representative Bongbong Marcos
11 May 2010

My campaign for the Senate, from first to last, was the collective
effort of many - of committed friends, loyal volunteers, unselfish
supporters and concerned family members who gave freely of
themselves so that victory would be ours come Election Day.

On this momentous occasion, with victory in our grasp, I want to
express my sincerest thanks to each and everyone of you who have
been part of the campaign:

to the campaign workers and volunteers who date back to the days
of my Father, and who did the hard work of covering the entire
country with our campaign message and materials;

to the campaign team who manned our headquarters, directed the
work of the various units, and enabled us to meet our key

to our political allies, our self-effacing advisers and generous donors
whose invaluable support and counsel made it possible for us to
compete effectively in a difficult political arena; and finally

to my wife Liza and other members of my family who joined me
every step of the way in this exciting and unforgettable experience.

Together we gave it our all, and together, thanks to Divine
Provideace, victory has come to our doorstep.

Now the larger work begins. For all that you have given me, I will
strive to repay you in the best way I can: by giving all to my work in
the Senate in the service of our people and our country.

Mabuhay at maraming salamatl