25 October 2021

By Rey Galupo | Remate Online

SLOWLY but surely the magic trick being hatched by the administration is starting to manifest.First, Davao City Mayor Sara-Duterte Carpio and former Senator Bongbong Marcos met in Davao for a “casual meeting” triggering speculations that they were discussing plans to run together (without clear indications whether who will run for what position) in the 2022 election.

After a few months of uncertainty, Marcos suddenly filed his certificate of candidacy for president under the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas while Sara filed for a third term as Davao City mayor.

Sara flatly rejected calls for her to run for President after her father announced that he will run for Vice President, only to pull out in favor of Sen. Bong Go on October 2.

On that same day, PRRD announced his retirement from politics but declared emphatically that his daughter would be running for President with Go as her running mate.

However, in yet another surprise move that doused cold water on Sara’s perceived candidacy, Sen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa filed his own COC two hours before the deadline for filing and declared that he was practically thrown into the prey by his party-mates to solidify PDP-Laban’s frontline.

That dire development had the supporters of a BBM-Duterte tandem in a quandary. Many believed that a Dela Rosa-Go tandem, no matter how good the intentions are, is doomed to fail.

Then came the “accidental” meeting of BBM and Sara in Cebu.

Cebu Fifth District Rep. Duke Frasco, husband of Liloan Mayor Christina Frasco, who happens to be the spokesman of Sara, welcomed BBM when he arrived at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Meanwhile, Sara, who arrived wearing a green hoodie with the screaming words “Sara ALL 2022,” said she was in Cebu to visit her cousin 5th District Board member Red Duterte.

If you still can’t understand what is happening then maybe, you have been in Jupiter for the past six months or so. There is no such thing as accident in politics as there are only “calculated moves.”

PRRD and his party successfully used substitution to throw his opponent off guard in 2016, now his daughter and his party is again employing the same trick, with some modifications, as a sound political strategy.

As sure as the sun sets tomorrow, a BBM-Sara tandem is in the offing and while it pisses off the other candidates their next move now will be focused on how to stop this avalanche.