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28 December 2021

By Rey Galupo | Remate Online

LAWYER Barry Gutierrez, Office of the Vice-President spokesman, must have been dreaming when he declared that the 2022 presidential race had been narrowed down between leading aspirant Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos and his benefactor Leni Robredo, according to senatorial candidate Larry Gadon.

Reacting to the latest Pulse Asia survey, which puts Marcos on top at 53 percent voters’ preference as compared to Robredo’s 20 percent, Gutierrez said that the increase in Robredo’s numbers affirmed the rally of support towards her.

Gutierrez noted that it is more than two times higher than the initial number of people who would vote for his boss.

“2022 is now clearly a Robredo versus Marcos contest,” he said.

But Gutierrez’s “unbridled and unfounded optimism is baseless at the very least and Utopic at the most,” said Gadon, who had visibly toned down after taking flak for his social media rant last week, said. “How in the world can you say that somebody who is tailing the leader of the pack by overwhelming numbers could be in a position to challenge, much less be in a so-called showdown.

“That’s simply preposterous. He must be in another world,” he said.

“Pulse Asia’s survey clearly laid down numbers that Isko’s eight percent needs only 12 percent to catch Leni’s 20 percent for the 2nd place. They are the ones slugging it out for the second spot and BBM is comfortably ahead by a wide, wild margin,” Gadon added.

The feisty KBL stalwart also emphasized that Marcos is not only leading in the Pulse Asia survey but has consistently walloped the perceived oppositions in all polls — SWS, Publicus, Kalye-Survey, DZRH, and RMN – in the past two months.

“When did it ever happen that someone who is tugging the coattails of the leading candidate with a double-figure deficit is being branded as a contender?

“Gutierrez must have been drinking in Shangrila to even think of it.

“Ano ito perde gana?” Gadon said.

After taking a beating on social media for his rant against journalist Raisa Robles, Gadon “apologized for his brash and irreverent comments, saying he realized that what he did was wrong.”

He also expressed remorse for offending all the women “for his insensitivity, although I was only triggered by Ms. Robles’s wrongful acts.”

Gadon is currently 18th in the senatorial survey, six places remove from the top dogs.