Reaction to P-Noy’s veto of the SSS pension hike measure

Press Releases
14 January 2016

This is a sad day for all SSS pensioners and I am sure they are disappointed with the President’s veto of the measure granting a P2, 000 across-the-board increase to their monthly pension.

It seems that the President has chosen to look the other side, instead of being sensitive and looking at the realistic conditions of the pensioners who dedicated their active and healthy years to labor.

Governance is about caring for the people especially those who are incapable or less capable of taking care of themselves. I hope the President is not missing this point.

The pensioners, now most of them sickly and in advanced ages depend on their monthly SSS pension for their medicine requirements and daily basic needs, a little increase in their pension is definitely a relief.

I am one of the authors of the Senate version of the measure and now that the President has decided against it, I hope the government has other plans to uplift the living conditions of SSS pensioners.