Rappler - 'Tayo naman': After Biden victory, Filipinos urged to register for 2022 elections

8 November 2020

By Rappler


The victory of Joe Biden over Donald Trump reminds Filipinos that every vote counts

The victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the US presidential election has made ripples not only in America but also in the Philippines.

Inspired by the results of the historic election that ended a 4-year populist rule, several netizens have taken to Twitter using hashtag #Halalan2022 to urge Filipinos to register to vote in the Philippines' 2022 presidential elections.

With #Halalan2022 gaining over 10,000 tweets on Sunday, November 8, netizens stressed how Filipinos must learn from the victory of Biden over Donald Trump, and remember that every vote counts.

The two presidential candidates saw themselves in a nail-biting match, with Biden’s victory sealed after the Democrat claimed several key battleground states won by the Republican incumbent in 2016. Trump has so far made unsubstantiated claims of massive voter fraud, with his campaign launching legal challenges in several states.

Filipino netizens recently drew parallels between Donald Trump and Bongbong Marcos, who also cried fraud when Leni Robredo started to edge him out in the 2016 vice presidential race.

Trump, known to have stoked racism, peddled lies, and worsened divisions in the world’s most powerful country, is also branded the “Duterte of the West,” and enjoys close ties with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Through the hashtag, many pointed out how the victory of Biden has fueled hopes among Filipinos that the upcoming presidential elections in the Philippines will also see voters choosing competent candidates, if more people would make informed decisions and register to vote.

“Biden won not because Trump was evil. Trump almost won again. Biden won because millions decided to register and cast their votes. Every single vote mattered. Philippines, it’s our time in 2022,” said Twitter user @JULESguiang.

“Kung sila narinig 'yung boses nila, dapat tayo rin! I saw a little bit of hope for the world and my country. Tayo naman (If their voices were heard, ours should as well! I saw a little bit of hope for the world and my country. It’s our turn now),” netizen @hoomanlyhuman tweeted.

Taking the opportunity to push for awareness, several netizens urged Filipinos and the youth to start working on educating potential voters. Many also shared their hopes for the upcoming elections, calling for worthy candidates and the need for voters’ education even in hard-to-reach communities.

Here’s what other netizens have to say about the upcoming presidential elections in the light of the US electoral race.

There’s still a little less than a year left to register for the 2022 Philippine presidential election. Voter registration ends on September 30, 2021. – Rappler.com