Rappler - Marcos: acquit Corona

29 May 2012

By Rappler

rapplerMANILA, Philippines – Sen Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos voted to acquit Chief Justice Renato Corona Tuesday, May 29. He was the third and last to vote for acquittal among senator-judges.

Saying that if there had been any violations of the law by the Chief Justice, these violations do not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

The impeachment process redefines the relationship between branches of government, and the resulting instability can put the future of Filipinos and the country "in limbo," Marcos warned.

"Because of that, we must tread very lightly," he added.

When furor over the impeachment has died down, Marcos said he hopes "we shall find solace in the fact that the decision was fai and impartial."

Citing the defense's argument about the presumption of innocence and the failure to present convincing evidence, Marcos said he votes to acquit Corona.

Past positions

In the past, Marcos took the position that the AMLC fact-finding investigation required a court order. He criticized the Aquino administration for defying the TRO that the SC issued favoring Mrs Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He was quoted as saying, "It is a dismay to see that orders of the Supreme Court are no longer respected or followed. This strikes at the very heart of our legal system and if the president and his alter ego...choose not to follow the SC then that is a very serious blow to the separation and equality of the different departments of government."

Marcos also disagreed with the administration's decision to bar Arroyo from traveling abroad, saying there are legal remedies to bring her back to the country if she escapes.

Asked about Corona's criticism of Aquino as a dictator, Marcos said, "I don't know what the definition of dictatorship is but it would seem to be an attempt of the President to remove the co-equal status of the branches of government and make the executive more equal than others, which violates all the democratic principles we enshrined in our constitution.