11 May 2016

The partial and unofficial quick-count of the PPCRV is telling us that more than 95% of the clustered precincts have transmitted election returns to the transparency server. This quick count showed us that Senator Marcos’ substantial lead in the votes began to erode about 9 PM of 9 May 2016, and that Representative Robredo maintained her lead since around 3:00 am of 10 May 2016.

We manifest our continuing reservation about the PPCRV quick count for several reasons.

First, the results of the Exit Polls in all areas nationwide show that Senator Marcos won the Vice-Presidential race.

Second, the Overseas Absentee Votes have yet to be fully accounted for. The quick-count tally so far reflects only 19% of these votes. We are confident of the results in this sector because we were able to confirm that Senator Marcos garnered a significant number of votes from our OFWs.

Third, we received the unsettling information that at past 7:30 p.m. on 9 May 2016, Election Day, a new script or computer command was introduced to the transparency server — the very same server from which the PPCRV obtains its data for the quick count. Apparently, the execution of this computer command was able to alter the hash codes of the packet data. Furthermore, the introduction of this new script is suspect because it was after this time that Senator Marcos’ lead from Representative Robredo started to erode at a rather distinctive pattern.

Did COMELEC know about the introduction of this new script? How does the new script affect the data and data reception of the transparency server? The public deserves to find out.

Finally, we have always been of the understanding, as the COMELEC has never indicated the contrary, that the transparency server could only receive data or ERs from the VCMs. In this regard, we are rather perplexed as to how the PPCRV quick count reached over 95% of the Total Clustered Precincts, and 100% in certain provinces or cities. We have confirmed that a number of Clustered Precincts or VCMs were unable to transmit to the local board of canvassers in certain provinces or cities.

How were the data or election returns from these affected Clustered Precincts or VCMs uploaded to the transparency server? Does this mean that data could be uploaded to the transparency server through other means of which we do not know about? We hope the COMELEC enlightens the public on this matter.

In this hotly contested Vice Presidential race marred by conflicting unofficial results and even reports of irregularities, Senator Marcos calls on his supporters and the public to maintain calm and sobriety, and to await the results of the official canvass. While we await these official results, he appeals for vigilance so that, ultimately, whoever may be proclaimed as winners, the true voice of the Filipino people will prevail.