Politiko - Wind farms pa more! Marcos bats for renewable energy

13 February 2016


PolitikoThe next administration should speed up the implementation of the country’s renewable energy program that will ease the problematic power situation while ensuring the protection of environment.

Vice presidential candidate, Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., said renewable energy offers the best solution to avert an impending power crisis and address an ever-increasing energy demand.

Marcos, a staunch advocate of renewable energy, said the next administration must vigorously increase the country’s RE capacity targets to make it at least 50 percent by 2030.

“We need to boost our renewable energy program and this should be prioritized to ensure economic development while protecting our environment,” he said.

At present, some 70 percent of the nation’s electricity is generated from fossil-fuels, 90 percent of which are imported. Experts have predicted that if the country remains to be coal and oil-dependent, Filipinos should expect higher power costs because of the steady increase in the prices of these fossil fuels in the world market.

The only solution is for the country to increase its renewable energy portfolio.

“The next administration should be aggressive in increasing our renewable energy programs by encouraging companies to build more solar, wind and hydrogen power plants,” he said. This can be done, he said by giving them additional perks on their investments and cutting bureaucratic red tape