Politiko : Tiglao suspended from Facebook after Ateneo martial law museum criticism: ‘Yellows control FB’

18 September 2021

By Politiko

Facebook has temporarily suspended the account of former Presidential Spokesman Rigoberto Tiglao.

Tiglao revealed on Twitter that he has been “banned” from posting on Facebook for almost a day after he criticized the Ateneo martial law museum. Annoyed by the restriction, he has accused the “yellows” of controlling the social media giant.

“For the first time sicne joined FB in 2010 I’ve been banned for posting anything. It was right after I posted several items criticizing this fake Ateneo martial law museum. True nga the Yellows control FB,” Tiglao tweeted.

In a post on Twitter, Tiglao posted the message from Facebook that it was restricting his account for “22 more hours.” The message included a screenshot of Tiglao’s post questioning how Miguel Paolo Rivera could be an expert on martial law. Rivera serves as director of the Ateneo Martial Law Museum.

The Ateneo museum recently issued a statement criticizing actress Toni Gonzaga over her interviews with former Senator Bongbong Marcos, son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. It said Toni’s show “contributed to the Marcos family’s attempts to whitewash their human rights violations and its proven historical record.”

“Marcos is a lying clout chaser, desperate to change public opinion about historical facts as he has neither history nor truth to his side,” the museum said.

The group has asked Gonzaga to talk to the families of martial law victims instead and offered to facilitate the encounter.