Politiko : Part of the family: Bongbong surprises longtime Marcos photographer Willy Avila

27 September 2021

By Politiko

Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. decided to surprise his family’s longtime photographer Willy Avila on the latter’s birthday this year.

The Ilocano politiko documented his surprise visit to Avila in his vlog on Saturday, September 25.

Apparently, Avila has been itching to go out and take photos of the Marcoses once again, but his family has been prohibiting him from going out to ensure the senior citizen would not get infected with the coronavirus.

Marcos and his team were able to visit Avila only because they have all been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Marcos gave several gifts to the esteemed photographer, including a birthday cake. For the politko, Avila isn’t just a photographer; he’s part of the family already.

“Makita mo really, hindi na siya photographer; part of the family talaga siya,” said Marcos.

“Never siguro sa pamilya ko hindi namin mababayaran, hindi namin matutumbasan ang serbisyong binigay mo sa amin, Willy,” he added.