Politiko : May niluluto na! ‘Solid North’ Politikos meet pre-SONA to back Imee, Bongbong

26 July 2021

By Politiko

At least 50 local Politikos from the Ilocos Region have met with Senator Imee Marcos in a “pre-SONA merienda” hosted by the senator in her house in San Juan City, Pilipino Mirror reported.

These political leaders, who are known to be part of the ‘Solid North’ gathered in Manila before proceeding to the Congress where President Rodrigo Duterte will have his final State of the Nation Address today.

According to sources, they have discussed plans of action in case former Senator Bongbong Marcos finalizes his plans for the 2022 national elections. They have also discussed to asses BBM’s chances to win given his high rating in the latest survey of Publicus Asia, Inc.

“If he will decide to run for president, BBM will surely get the block votes of the so-called ‘solid north’ which count to a few millions coming from the provinces of Regions 1 and 2 and some parts of Region 3,” said one congressman who requested anonymity.

“By default, our political culture in the Ilocandia is to always stick to an Ilocano bet in any national electoral post,’ The Politiko explained. “While some presidentiables have made known this early their intentions to vie for the presidency, it appears that BBM is keeping close to his chest his decision which is typical of a seasoned politician… the very reason why we are confident of his victory in this coming election,” stressed another member of the ‘solid north’ attending the pre-SONA merienda arranged by Sen. Imee.