Politiko - Marcos to voters: Choose leader who unites Filipinos

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13 December 2015


Politiko-logo.jpgSen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. urged the electorate to reject in the 2016 elections politicians who will only divide the people instead of uniting them.

His developed as Marcos said efforts to move the country forward have failed because of excessive partisan politics perpetrated by those who hold power.

Ask yourself if this or that candidate is for unity. If not, then don’t vote for him or her. We can’t have stability if the government is filled with politicians who divide the people for the sake of politics or their own personal agenda or gain,” he said in a statement.

He said the Filipino people possess traits and talents capable of improving the situation but are being hindered by too much politicking of government officials who promote their interests and the interests of their party mates, friends, close associates, and relatives.

“The Filipino people are industrious, honest, and resilient that’s why our OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) are preferred by foreign employers over other nationalities. Magagaling tayong mga Pilipino pero bakit mahirap ang ating sitwasyon?” he added.

Marcos said solutions to the problems are available but could not be properly implemented because government officials are themselves divided.

“The drug problem is alarming; corruption persists; prices are high; crime is rampant; unemployment rate is high; agriculture is neglected; the housing program is a failure; traffic in Metro Manila is a big mess; the educational system is not at par with our neighboring countries. We know the solutions to these but we can only solve them if we are united as Filipinos and the first and paramount job of the government is to unite us all,” Marcos said.