Politiko : Fortun: Voters will have final say on Marcos Jr presidential run

11 February 2022

By Billy Begas | Politiko

Agusan del Norte Rep. Lawrence Fortun said it would be the voters who will ultimately decide on the case of presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Fortun made the statement after the Commission on Election (Comelec) First Division junked the disqualification cases filed against Marcos in connection with his failure to file income tax return (ITR).

He said the decisions of Comelec divisions may be reconsidered, set aside, or reversed by the Comelec en banc. And the decision of Comelec en banc can be appealed to the Supreme Court.

“That is the due process reality and it works both ways for either side of the legal battle,” Fortune said.

Fortun said it will take weeks for the appeals and other remedies to be exhausted and “it does not look like the finish line will be before election day.”

“Ultimately the voters will decide the issue through their ballots,” Fortun stressed. “The real goal of the partisans therefore of the whole exercise is to score political points and convince voters before election day.”

Fortun said the focus should be on the integrity of the elections at the national and local levels and Comelec must guard against new and old dirty tricks.

“A decisive majority with clear insurmountable and uncontestable results is what would settle the matter,” Fortun added.

He said a clear margin of victory of at least 1 million votes would be the safe target and anything less than that could be subjected to recount or election protest.