Politiko : Character assault vs Marcoses ‘boomeranged!’ Enrile says dismissal of Marcos Jr DQ case ‘a triumph of justice’

12 February 2022

By Politiko

Blame it on the yellow and pink armies?

Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile has lauded the Commission on Elections’ (COMELEc) junking of the disqualification case against former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., saying it was “a triumph of justice and fair play.”

Enrile, in a Facebook post, also blamed the critics of the Marcoses including those allied with the Aquinos for exaggerating their character assaults against the Marcos family. He said such attacks are irreversible.

“To me, the COMELEC decision is a triumph of justice and fair play. In addition to just and fair play, it gives expression to and represents the rising and trending feeling of public cynicism and resentment against the exaggerated, overheated, and overloaded character assaults against the Marcos family,” he said.

A former defense minister during the Marcos regime, Enrile said the public especially the rural areas, developed grave doubts about the veracity and truth of the character attacks against the Marcoses.

These attacks by the Marcos opponents have backfired, according to Enrile.

“The critics from the radical left and the traditional political adversaries of the Marcos family, especially the Ninoy-Cory families and their supporters overdid their character assault against the Marcos family,” he said.

“Their character attacks had boomeranged. It is almost irreversible at this point of the political combat,” he said.

The poll body’s first division recently junked petitions seeking to block the presidential run of Marcos in the May elections over a tax conviction, saying there was lack of merit. The division also ruled that failure to file an income tax return isn’t wrong since there is no law punishing it.

The Marcos camp has welcomed the Comelec’s decision and vowed to press ahead with the presidential campaign centering on unity. Critics of the Marcoses have denounced the ruling while petitioners aim to file an appeal to reconsider the decision.