Politiko : Bongbong Marcos: Eidul Adha reminds us about ‘faith, resilience’ of Muslims

21 July 2021

By Politiko

Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said this year’s Eidul Adha should serve as a reminder of the faith and resilience of the Muslim community.

This was the Ilocano politiko’s message as Filipino Muslims commemorate the Feast of Sacrifice on Tuesday, July 20.

“Eidul Adha once again comes as a reminder of faith and resilence to our Muslim brothers and sisters. When our belief is strong, we likewise reinforce our patience to endure difficulties, as taught by this Feast of Sacrifice,” said Marcos in a Facebook post.

“Eid mubarak to the Filipino Muslim community across the regions and continents!” he added.