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Politiko : Be honest: Duke Frasco sets record straight on rumored Marcos Jr visit to Cebu in the middle of COVID surge

News & Interviews
4 January 2022

By Politiko

Duke Frasco preached “honesty” amid fake news that Bongbong Marcos visited Cebu in the middle of rising COVID-19 infections in Metro Manila.

The Cebu congressman said it was an evil ploy meant to ruin their reputations.

“Kay HONESTY is the POLICY, let me say this: BBM also visited my house on THAT VERY SAME DAY… that was way back in June 13, 2021, not today. Just look at the bread, clothes, sunglasses at the top of the air purifier, the fold on the pants, shoes to really be clear,” the politiko said, blasting the misleading information that’s at least half a year behind.

The Frascos are supporting the Marcos Jr-Sara Duterte tandem for 2022.

“Be honest. Even if others are not. Even if others will not. Even if others cannot,” he added.