Pilipino Mirror : (Dahil sa ‘lack of merit’) COMELEC IBINASURA ANG MARCOS DQ CASES

10 February 2022

By Pilipino Mirror

IBINASURA ng Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) First Division ang consolidated disqualification cases laban kay presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. dahil sa kakulangan ng merito.

“The consolidated petitions of Ilagan v. Marcos Jr., Akbayan v. Marcos Jr., and Mangelen v. Marcos Jr. have been dismissed for lack of merit, by the COMELEC’s First Division,” ang pahayag ni Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez sa kanyang tweet araw ng Huwebes.

Sakop ng resolusyon ang mga kasong isinampa ng martial law survivors sa pamamagitan ni Bonifacio Ilagan, Akbayan party-list group, at National Commission on Muslim Filipinos Commissioner Abubakar Mangelen.

Hiniling ng grupo na madiskuwalipika si Marcos sa halalan sa Mayo 9 dahil sa kabiguang mag-file ng income tax returns mula 1982 hanggang 1985, na sinasabing magpapataw sa kanya ng perpetually disqualification sa alinmang posisyon sa gobyerno.

Gayunpaman, nakasaad sa resolusyon ng First Division na: “Contrary to Petitioners’ assertion, the penalty of perpetual disqualification by reason of failure to file income tax returns was not provided for under the original 1977 NIRC (National Internal Revenue Code).”

“To be clear, the penalty of perpetual disqualification came into force only upon the effectivity of P.D. (Presidential Decree) No. 1994 on 01 January 1986. Thus, the penalty cannot be made to apply to Respondent’s (Marcos) tax violations, which were committed before the effectivity of the said law, in accord with the constitutional prohibition against ex post facto laws,” batay pa sa decision.

Sinabi rin ng First Division na ang kabiguang mag- file ng tax returns ay hindi “inherently immoral.”

“Is the failure to file tax returns inherently immoral? We submit that it is not. The failure to file tax returns is not inherently wrong in the absence of a law punishing it. The said omission became punishable only through the enactment of the Tax Code,” ayon pa sa resolution.

Samantala, pinuri ng kampo ni Marcos ang dismissal ng DQ cases.

Ayon kay Atty. Vic Rodriguez, Chief of Staff and Spokesperson ni Marcos: “We again commend the honorable members of the Comelec’s 1st Division for upholding the law by dismissing cases that we have long described as nuisance petitions.”

“The Petitioners in this case, Ilagan, Akbayan, Etta Rosales and Mangelen, were found guilty of lying and of deliberately misleading the Comelec by intentionally quoting the wrong provisions of the law and squeezed them into their faulty narratives.

While we call on this seemingly misguided segment of our society to stop spreading lies against presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos, we nonetheless extend our hands of unity and continue with our call for them and every Filipino to join us in shaping a better and united future for our people.

Tama na ang away, tama na ang bangayan, sama-sama natin harapin ang bukas na may taglay na pag-asa at pagkakaisa,” dagdag pa ni Rodriguez.