PIA - Sen. Marcos consults Cagayanos on infra dev’t plan

In The News
9 September 2014

By Oliver T. Baccay | Philippine Information Agency

PIATUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan, Sept. 8 (PIA) -- Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, during his recent visit here, led a multi-sectoral dialogue with local officials, civil society organizations, private sector representatives, government agencies and media here to seek inputs on the creation of the country’s infrastructure, development plan.

Marcos, both chairman of the Senate committees on Local Government and on Public Works, said the development plan is a roadmap of infrastructure projects for officials and project implementers as to the prioritization of proposed projects that are needed most by the communities.

He added that he wants to hear ideas and inputs of local officials and stakeholders in order to push for better reforms on local governance and infrastructure.

The senator likewise underscored the significance of having a national infrastructure development plan not only for today but also in the coming years.

“With this, we will be guided with the priorities of the people based on their needs as well as to track the developments of the country in terms of public infrastructures,” Marcos said.

He also explained that they need to involve the local officials in the planning stage who are considered experts of their territory and they know better the concerns of their constituents.

He added that the government has spent only 2.5 percent from the GDP for public infrastructure which he wants to be increased by developing the plan as he believes that public infrastructures is the gateway for businesses and investments which eventually result into economic growth and societal development.

Among the infrastructure concerns raised during the consultation include bridge construction, farm-to-market roads, road networks to tourism destinations and conversion of provincial roads to national roads.