Philippine News Agency - Light moments over serious issues

18 February 2021

By Jun Ledesma | Philippine News Agency

BONGBONG Marcos lost his case in the Supreme Court but hopefully learned an expensive lesson. An attempt to appeal his case is a futile move considering the unanimous decision of the justices to junk his case in favor of Leni Robredo. Well, this is a free country and he can go ahead try another bid. His lawyer and Robredo’s will find celebration in a protracted trial. By the time the High Court will come out with a verdict it could only reaffirm the tribunal’s decision and perchance he will be lucky this time he will go down in history as the Vice President which the country never had.

Let’s put a light moment on this development. No use crying over spilled milk. It goes with the tune of “It must be him”. With apologies to Vikk Carr and the songwriters.

I told Bongbong what’s done is done,

I told Bongbong don’t be a fool

He played the field and he thought he’d won

But thought t’was easy and played it coo

I told Bongbong don’t take it easy,

The campaign trail is rough and messy

Your dad is missed but Comelec is nasty

Smartmatic automate so you must be wary

So don’t be lax don’t have a deep sleep

For if you do the numbers change

Never skimp like Mr. Scrooge

For your opponent will surely splurge

After all, these just take a rest

With Leni there, we need a jest,

You may have lost the Supreme Court verdict

But she doesn’t matter she is no threat

After a while be yourself again

You take the pieces off the floor

Put your sight on politics again

As governor or VP just once more

Leni run for President this time,

Let Inday Sara face her this time

So play it cool and just be calm

The people’s verdict will be a balm

Our problem is if Sara declines

We risk our future so we must shout

It must be her it must be her

Or we shall die, that’s when we die

VP Leni Robredo is ebullient she won the case. On the heels of her victory, she unleashed a tirade against Pres. Rodrigo Duterte for demanding from the US of A rentals in exchange for the Visiting Forces Agreement. She branded the President’s pronouncement as an “extortion”. In a way, she insulted 39 other countries worldwide who receive billions of dollars for the use of their territories for the US military bases and facilities.

Sen. Ping Lacson, on the other hand, does not like the language of Duterte. He even lectured on the President that based on the constitution he has every right to say his piece on crafting of treaties that the Philippines will ink with other countries. But who told him Duterte contemplates a new treaty or even an executive agreement? There is no item in the Senate agenda that would substantiate Lacson’s perorations? The moribund Mutual Defense Treaty, VFA, and the Enhance Defense Cooperative Agreement had all been ratified by the Senate although the US legislators refused to ratify the VFA. In effect, at best it was and is simply an Executive Agreement.

And what about the language of Duterte which Lacson described as “undiplomatic”? Well, the last time Duterte gave an acerbic repartee to a condescending ex-US Pres. Barrack Obama, he was given a red carpet reception in Russia and China.

Anyway, Robredo and Lacson got a mouthful from the President. Senator Lacson realized he had placed the cart before the horse and recovered his senses. . In the case of Robredo, she has to explain to the heads of 39 sovereign nations why she thinks the American bases in their territories are proceeds of extortion.