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Philippine Daily Inquirer - Marcos urges the establishment of Philippine Soybean Authority

In The News
29 July 2011

By Gem Roy Fuentes | Philippine Daily Inquirer

InquirerSenator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. is proposing the creation of Philippine Soybean Authority on Thursday that will engage in an all-out promotion of both small-scale and commercial cultivation of soybean.

Considering the attainment of food security and the effect of climate change in food production. It will also lessen the country’s problem in over-dependence on imported products and to promote agribusiness in countryside.

“The establishment of the Philippine Soybean Authority as proposed by this measure will kick-off a multi-faceted endeavor that will open far great opportunities, among others, to our farmers. It is in furtherance of the thrusts of the government to attain food security amidst the effect of climate change in global food production.” Marcos added.

According to the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR), large-scale soybean production will also help the government solving the hunger problem and malnutrition because soybean is known as one of the most versatile among high value crops in the Philippines.