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Philippine Daily Inquirer - Bury FM at Libingan ng mga Bayani

In The News
21 February 2011

By Ramon Tulfo | Philippine Daily Inquirer

InquirerA FEW days from now, the country will observe the 25th anniversary of the Edsa 1 revolt that unseated the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.Marcos died in exile in Hawaii.

His remains were taken to his ancestral home in Ilocos Norte.

It’s high time the present leadership allowed Marcos a hero’s burial at the place where he had wished to be interred, the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

No matter the bad things Marcos supposedly did during the latter part of his life, the fact remains that he was a war hero.

If we can’t forgive and forget what Marcos did in the second term of his presidency—or dictatorship, if you want to call it that—then our claim to be the only Christian nation in Asia is hollow.

For the No. 1 virtue of the Christian faith is forgiveness.

* * *

We humiliated the man in life by kicking him out of office and sending him and his family into exile.

Must we humiliate him in death by refusing him burial in the place for fallen heroes?

To deny that he was a war hero is like saying the Battle of Bataan never happened.

To deny that he was a hero is like saying that there was no guerrilla movement, of which he was an active member, during the Japanese Occupation.

To deny that he was a hero is like saying that he was a mediocre congressman and senator, like most of our current legislators.

* * *

Margie Juico’s Loterya ng Bayan (PLB) may yet put an end to the illegal numbers game jueteng.

Juico, chairperson of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), promises to make Loterya better than the current Small Town Lottery (STL).

Loterya, or PLB (the “P” stands for Philippine or PCSO), according to Juico, will avoid the pitfalls of STL.

STL fell short of achieving its objectives of eradicating jueteng and raising funds for indigent sick Filipinos, said the PCSO chairperson.

“We need to help the poor, but this must be anchored on moral principles, which STL didn’t have because it promoted corruption,” she added.

Under the PLB, the PCSO will become a partner of congressmen, governors, mayors and other local officials in bringing the government closer to the people.

Juico said this can be done by directly providing the citizens with ambulances, medicines, individual medical and fire aid, and other health programs.