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Philippine Daily Inquirer - Act aiming to protect children in armed conflict filed by Senator Marcos

In The News
24 July 2011

By Mark James Racadio | Philippine Daily Inquirer

InquirerAfter proposing the Senate Bill 2885 which aims to include the study of climate change in the curricula for all courses in the tertiary education level, Senator Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr. has filed another scheme which will benefit the children who are in the midst of the armed conflicts.

Senator Bongbong Marcos filed the Senate Bill 2886 or the “Special Protection of Children in Situations of Armed Conflict Act”. The act is intended to provide comprehensive safeguard as well as the rehabilitation and reintegration of children involved in, affected by or relocated by armed conflict.

Marcos said in his statement that the “Children deserve utmost protection from all forms of danger. All efforts must, therefore, be exerted to ensure that they are sheltered and protected at all times.”

The Bill was also designed to disallow the intentional and enforce conscription and participation of personnel less than 18 years of age in armed conflict.

Marcos also emphasized in his proposal the recently adopted resolution of the United Nations disputing the recruitment of children as soldier, disproving the abuse of them as well. He encouraged and urged the government to use all its relevant and available resources and mediums to make measures in prohibiting the use of children in armed conflict which can generate children’s displacement and psychological trauma.

“Under this measure, government forces as well as other armed groups shall be liable for the violation of any provisions of this proposed law” he continued.

Moreover, the proposal is aiming to reduce or even bring to a halt the child rights violation in armed conflict situations which includes the children assassinations, torturing or heartless and humiliating treatment, rape and abduction, being used as hostages or human shield and others.