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People's Journal - Marcos pushes study of climate change

In The News
21 July 2011

By People's Journal

Featured-Image-Journal-OnlineSEN. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos wants to include the study of climate change in the college curricula for all courses.

The senator filed a bill seeking the inclusion of the study of climate change to create awareness on the alarming impact and challenges of climate extremities.

Marcos said Senate Bill 2885 or the proposed Climate Change Education Act of 2011 will mandate the Commission on Higher Education to include a three unit subject for the study of climate change.

“The inclusion of the study on climate change in the curricula for tertiary education is a monumental step towards a long but winnable battle against climate change. It will prepare the Filipinos to adapt to the change,” he said.

While Republic Act 9729 or the “Climate Change Act of 2009” mandates the integration of climate change education in the primary and secondary education curricula, Marcos said there is a need to give focus on the subject in all tertiary education courses.

The senator said climate change is not a mere environment issue but more of a humanitarian concern.