People's Journal - Marcos: Consult parents regarding change of school opening

In The News
20 January 2014

By Marlon Purificacion | People's Journal

Featured-Image-Journal-OnlineSENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. said parents should be consulted on the proposal to change the start of the country’s school calendar to either August or September.

In a statement, Marcos said high premium should be given to the sentiment of the parents since their children will be the ones affected by the change of school opening.

“Mothers know best. The parents should be consulted regarding this matter. The parents that have all the best of intentions for their kids. That’s why their voice should be heard,” Marcos said.

Earlier, four prominent universities, namely University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila, De La Salle University and University of Santo Tomas, aired preference for the change of the start of the academic calendar from June to August or September.

They argued that the change would align the Philippines’ school calendar with other major universities in the world as well as prepare the country for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Community scheduled in 2015.

Reports said more educational institutions, including the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines, had expressed support to the proposal of the “Big 4” universities.

Marcos said formal consultations or discussions should not exclude the parents since their inputs are crucial when it comes to the protection and welfare of the students.

“I think it is to the best interest of the stakeholders in the country’s educational system to give importance to what the parents have to say. In the first place, parents are the most concerned sector when it comes to the education of their children. We should, therefore, ask them what their opinion is on the matter,” he said.