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People's Journal - Bongbong urges media to hold debates of senatoriables

In The News
25 January 2010

By People's Journal

ILOCOS Norte Rep. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. yesterday challenged senatoriables to a debate .

Marcos, of the Nacionalista Party, said now is the right time for the voting public to hear what politicians have to say on critical issues. He said the respective standpoints of senatorial candidates on various issues matter as they will play an important role in the bureaucracy once they get elected to Congress.

“The people deserve to know if the candidates they will choose are capable. It is not only the presidential aspirants who should be heard, senatorial candidates must also be allowed to say their piece,” he said.

Anak Mindanao Rep. Mujiv Hataman echoed Marcos call.

“Those deserving candidates must be voted in the Senate. A debate is a kind of test that a candidate must pass,” he said.

Marcos said the debate should tackle important issues like insurgency, foreign debt, same sex marriage, reproductive health bill, climate change, re-imposition of death penalty, legislated wage hike, Charter change, among others.

“Since the primary duty of Congress or the legislative department is to enact laws, it is only necessary for the public to know the stand of senatorial candidates on critical issues and problems of the nation,” he said.

Marcos urged the media and other sectors to organize the senatorial debate to help the public in choosing the 12 senators in the next Congress.