People's Journal - Bongbong presses Kadiwa store revival

28 January 2010

By Ryan Ponce Pacpaco | People's Journal

The noble Kadiwa project or sari – sari type store of former First Lady Imelda Romualdez – Marcos during the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos which sold basic goods and food items at lower prices should be revived immediately by the government to solve the rising prices of basic commodities.

Ilocos Norte Rep. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., a guest senatorial candidate of Sen. Manny Villar’s Nacionalista Party (NP), made this call following the soaring prices of basic goods.

Marcos said the revival of Kadiwa stores could serve as a solution to the rising costs of basic goods such as sugar, rice, sardines, milk, noodles, meat, fish, coking oil, among others.

“Kadiwa stores were a success during my mom’s time. That’s why I think there is no reason why we should not revive these stores which are proven to be helpful and beneficial to low – income people,” said the young Marcos.

Marcos also called on the government to put up more rolling stores in Metro Manila and nearby provinces where there are no Kadiwa stores.

The opposition lawmaker said that if his proposal would not be adopted by the present administrator, the next government must make sure that the establishment of Kadiwa stores will be included in its pro-poor programs.

The Ilocos Norte congressman, meanwhile, proposed that the government can purchase the products to be sold in Kadiwa stores directly from the manufacturers and sell them at the same price to the public.