People's Journal - Bongbong expedites urban housing agency

In The News
2 September 2011

By People's Journal

Featured-Image-Journal-OnlineSENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. vowed to fast track the finalization of the Senate bill that would give birth to a unified Department of Housing and Urban Development (DHUD) which shall address increasing demand for urban poor housing, regulate urban growth and prevent deterioration of the environment.

“We can conclude that current housing programs have fallen way short of effectively responding to existing housing demand, especially of the urban poor. We just have to admit the fact that accomplishments are far from satisfactory and this brings me to the urgent need to fast track the finalization of the Senate bill that would give birth to the DHUD,” he said.

Marcos, chairman of the Senate committee on urban planning, housing and resettlement, emphasized that the creation of the DHUD will provide the core capacity required to improve sector governance and to address sector issues and challenges stemming from rapid urbanization, uncontrolled urban growth, increasing urban poverty, and a deteriorating urban environment.

“The department will enable the government to address these problems through the formulation and implementation of the necessary reforms, sector policies and program interventions that will mobilize public and private resources and ensure their synchronization,” Marcos explained.