Panay News : Talking hypocrites, etc.

25 October 2021

By Luis Buenaflor Jr | Panay News

I’M SURE this will trigger the so-called wokes and the usual suspects as obviously it does not fit and ridicules their narrative. But then again, who cares?

The hypocrisy and stupidity of the “devotees to the cult of the yellow ribbon” now dyed pink is overwhelmingly deafening. I find these people who claim to be for democracy, press freedom, etc. yet cannot accept opinions different from their narrative. Pathetic hypocrites is probably the best description.


Those fools shouting “defend press freedom” have really no idea what or how media works in the Philippines. The government does not control what comes out in the 6 o’clock news or in the newspaper’s headlines. It is the owners/station managers of TV or radio stations and publishers of newspapers that have a say on this.

Some gullible politicians thought by piggybacking on Maria Ressa’s so-called “Nobel Prize” they’d look cool and endear themselves to media. Perhaps a little research is de rigueur because the award was based on lies concocted by Ressa. She portrayed the Philippines as a “war zone” and the government is killing and arresting journalists left and right, and is waging war on its own citizens. If you believe that then you’re an idiot.

Mr. Mayor, Board Member and Senator, next time you want to praise someone please do a little research because you’ve just shot yourselves in the foot.


It’s the presidential elections in the Philippines and the top issues of the day for the usual suspects are the color pink and the number of cars in a motorcade – really deep and profound issues that will affect the survival of the country.


Manny Pacquiao said he’s been giving away money since 2002, that’s fine. But now, the thing is he has filed his certificate of candidacy for President and what he did in Batangas can be construed as vote buying, It’s either he was not aware of that or he’s just too stupid to realize what he did.

Few if no politician has Manny Pacquiao’s ability to provide comic relief in an otherwise serious affair like a presidential election. His ability to come out with utterly ridiculous and comical statements makes Leni’s pale in comparison but both of them have this in common – the knack to make motherhood statements that are far from reality i.e. “provide houses for all the squatters in Metro Manila” and “end the pandemic”.


And speaking of hypocrites…“Dick” Gordon” is running for senator with Leni Robredo’s senatorial line-up. Now you know what all that investigation and antics in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee is all about. Certainly not in aid of legislation but in aid of re-election.


I was checking out the presidential surveys both on mainstream and social media and it seems much to the disappointment of the wokes, the usual suspects and the “devotees to the cult of the yellow ribbon” now dyed pink, the “hated” Bongbong Marcos has an overwhelming lead over that “barefoot” woman from Naga. So much so that it’s “all hands on deck” and “throw everything including the kitchen sink plus the septic tank” against frontrunner Bongbong Marcos.


This is the latest in the “bring down Bongbong Marcos” campaign…

There’s a 1986 interview of the late George Harrison that surfaced saying then President Ferdnand Marcos wanted them (Beatles) killed when they went to Manila for a concert in 1966.

Yes, most Filipinos probably wanted to kill them at that time.

I was there and watched that live Beatles concert in Rizal Memorial Stadium and the next day when people learned they snubbed the First Family, the Beatles went from most popular to most hated. Take note that this was the height of the popularity of newly elected President Marcos (as in people named their new born girls “Imelda” or boys “Ferdinand”).

I know this is probably strange to the “wokes” but back in the mid-60s the Marcos family was popular and loved. So when the Beatles snubbed the invitation from Malacañang, the people sided with the Marcos family. President Marcos didn’t have to say anything; it was the ordinary people that took it upon themselves to avenge the honor of the First Family and mauled the Beatles at the airport as they were leaving Manila. So there.