On Senate Coup

12 October 2012

Print-Interview-Senate-CoupSen. Marcos: I got a question last night napalitan na da ang leadership, ang gulat ko. We have been hearing about this things since before the impeachment and I don’t know if its coming to a head. I don’t know, don’t think f there is a plot underway maybe im out of the loop I don’t know…

The only one who is outspoken in that they want to change the leadership is Sen. Trillanes, he actually said it on the floor. I guess because of his disgruntlement of the Seante President. But aside from that, we haven’t really talked about it in any serious way…

Question: personally, do you want to change the leadership?

Sen. Marcos: Rigth now I don’t think the leadership….i think we are doing alright, I don’t know how it is going to fan out in the coming election because we are in election season….so baka maybe that as something to do with it.

Question: why do you think t keeps on coming back the talks about change in the Senate leadership?

Sen. Marcos: because it is interesting to you journalist to talk about this kahit naman walang nangyayari eh napapagusapan…I think the rumors have been triggered by the fact that Sen. Trillanes’ speech and he was saying on the floor that he has lost confidence in the leadership and would be in favor of a leadership change

Question: What was Sen. Trillanes talk to you about?

Sen. Marcos: He says the same thing to us. He says that as far as he is concerned, the leadership change…

Question: Mag-isa lang ba si Trillanes na hindi kuntento?

Sen. Marcos: Ganito na lang sabihin natin, it was always Sen. Trillanes who had said it outright, I don’t know if the others are thinking it….

Question: (inaudible) a change in leadership…pwede pa maghintay (inaudible)?

Sen. Marcos: a change in leadership can be done anytime. I don’t think there is particularly good or bad time to do it. It is by definition magbabago talagaang sistema…that s something that we cannot anticipate or hold back….whether is wise or not, its hard to say. Of course we all would like stability but if there is uprising within the chamber, then there nothing we can do to stop it, then if majorty of the senators would like a leadership change hatever time, wqhatever season, whatever day or month it is, it will be done.

Question: Pwede mangyari ngayon yun?

Sen. Marcos: Sa ngayon? Palagay ko hindi naman yata, I don’t think that the change is imminent. You know things move very very quickly when these things are being spoken of.

Question: May naririnig ba kayon dissatisfaction from the other senators?

Sen. Marcos: Averyone has something that they would rather…that did not go their way. Whether or not they blame it on the leadership is different….(inaudible)…so if you say sana ganito mali yata ang pagkahandle nito mayroon ka talagang maririnig that’s a natural consequence of the work that we do. So whether or not those dissatisfactions translate into a desire in the change in the leadership, that is different with each individual senator

Question: How often?

Sen. Marcos: Ganun naman lagi iyan eh. Basta hindi naming nakuha ang gusto naming, we are disappointed, we do not always get what we want.

Question: Hindi kaya wait out yung election and then create a new majority?

Sen. Marcos: Possibly. Baka that’s the most seisible thing to do. But again pagka nagkaroon talaga ng snowball yan eh it will take only a momentum of its own. In this vey very intricate scheduling eh baka hindi na masunod…

Question: Iyun bang alliance bwteen LP, NP, npc ISANG FACTOR DIN YUN?

Sen. Marcos: Dito sa Senate? I don’t know< I don’t think that is a particular force n causing any of this….hindi siguro palagay ko hindi kasi ang parties will make their decisions, the party members will make decisions based on the issue at hand Question: Ano ang implication when it happens, ang sudden change in leadership? Sen. Marcos: If you think of the Senate…our secretariat will continue to function as it always has. Maybe the priorities will change as to what bills are being pushed, what bills are being followed up…botu our function…we had leadership changes before but it had not impaired our functions, we continue to operate as the upper house Question: inaudible Sen. Marcos: I think all the senior senators, Senator Drilon had already been a Senate president, I would say most if not all the senators are up for the job. If smomehow one of us finds himself as Senate President, all of us know what to do so I don’t think it will not make that much difference. Question: kahit daw mayroon nang number eh wala daw gusting pumalit kay Enrile? Sen. Marcos: Ganun ba? Malaking problema yan..kung magku-coup sila at wala silang kandidato..i don’t know about that hindi ko pa naririnig yan