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Oath of Profession

23 June 2012

Speech of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr.
Passers of 2012 Dentist Licensure Examamination Oath of Profession

Indeed, I am grateful to have been invited to this momentous event. This is my first time in my political life that I have been given this privilege to induct the passers of the dental licensure exams administered by the Professional Regulatory Board. Today marks another milestone in our country’s healthcare system, as a new batch of dental practitioners join the calling for medical practice.

Ladies and gentlemen, I sense enthusiasm in this throng of individuals who are about to take the oath of profession of the successful examinees of the 2012 Dentist Licensure Examination. By swearing before the Professional Regulatory Board of Dentistry, you have heeded the call of public service and have committed yourselves to those who seek your professional help. After you leave this hall, remember that it is you and yourself alone who will be the true witness and judge of all your ensuing actions and decisions as you go on to apply your knowledge, skills, and expertise on dental medicine.

It is in this light that I encourage you and our aspiring dentists to nourish a passion for excellence. Strive harder to be the best in all areas of your profession, for recognition and efficiency are not only attributed to you, but to the Philippine dental community as well. Truly, the achievement of one dentist reflects an achievement of all Filipino dentists.

To the new dental practitioners, you are the real guests of honor in this gathering. You have overcome obstacles and have arrived at the point of glory—a glory that is also celebrated by your parents and loved ones, your mentors, and your alma mater.

The next episode in your lives is about to unfold. Some of you might venture into general dentistry or broaden your proficiency by taking specialized courses or even join the academe. There are also opportunities abroad that you can seize for your professional enhancement.

Again, allow me to remind you of your obligation to our people and our nation. The degree that you have earned and the license that you have just acquired are tools that can contribute to the improvement of our healthcare system. Oral health and hygiene are components of welfare and the need to promote their importance must be emphasized. As stewards of dental medicine, it behoves you to ensure the holistic health and wellbeing of your patients, your countrymen.

As we speak, global advancements related to your field are now accumulating. The Filipino dentist has proven his mettle within our country and in the international arena, starting with the late Dr. Rufino Achacoso, who was awarded the Pierre Fauchard Academy Elmer S. Best and is known as the father of modern prosthodontics. Through the ingenuity of another Filipino dentist, Dr. Steve Mark Gan, innovations in oral implants and maxilla-facial surgery have also been incorporated into present-day dental techniques. I am confident that your dynamism and unwavering commitment to your profession will also bring us forward to the forefront of world-class dental services.

In closing, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Verdan Joseph Chua of the University of the East-Manila, who topped your batch who made it to the Roster of the 2012 Philippine Dentists. Congratulations once again to all of you. I commend as well, the Board, the Philippine Dental Association and dental chapters in the regions, for their dedication in implementing the continuing professional education of your member-dentists.

May the 158 dentists sustain the zeal to advocate effective and comprehensive oral care.

Kasiyahan nawa kayo ng Diyos. Thank you very much and Mabuhay kayong lahat!