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New Year Message

Press Releases
30 December 2012

As we enter 2013, may all of us find renewed hope in the Lord’s gift to us of a New Year.

We had faced and survived difficult challenges in 2012, particularly in the form of natural calamities that wrought devastation in our land, claimed the lives of many of our fellow Filipinos, and destroyed their homes and livelihood.

But the worst situation we had faced also brought out the best in us—that in times of need, we could forget ourselves and look after the less fortunate. For this, we earned recognition as among the best people in the region and in the world when it comes to selfless acts.

Despite our trials, we remain thankful for the blessings we received.

For 2013, I hope we continue to focus and improve on our strengths, learn from our shortcomings, and strive harder for a better year for all of us.

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!