Marcos visits Filipinos in HK

25 March 2010

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASENATORIAL candidate Bongbong Marcos made a whirlwind visit to Hong Kong on Sunday to meet with the Filipino workers and their community organizations, and discuss their problems and concerns.

Bongbong held a discussions with the Associations of Filipino Leaders in Hong Kong headed by Arnold Grospe, the oriental Mindoro Group led by Raffy Esteleydes, and the Bayanihan Brigade International led by Lorna Pagaduan.

There are present 155, 317 Filipinos working in Hong Kong.

The HK groups took turns expressing their keen interest in the May 10 elections and their hopes that a new government and new Congress would address the main problems and concerns of Filipinos working abroad.

Bongbong told his Filipino brothers and sisters: "We don't have enough job opportunities for our countrymen".

He declared that, if elected to the Senate, he will devote much attention to passing policies and programs that will not only address the plight of migrant workers, but will create more jobs for Filipinos, especially at local government level.

"If they have stable jobs at home, they don't have to work away from their loved one," he said in Filipino.

He recalled that the overseas employment program was a creation under the administration of his father, President Ferdinand Marcos. "But the original program was only a stopgap measure to provide employment for our people, while we developed our industries and modernized our agriculture. It became over time a major economic policy, however, and now we are highly dependent on OFW remittances".

Bongbong visited the Statue Square, the favorite hangout of Filipino workers on Sundays. He took time to chat with various groups of them, as they frolicked and enjoyed their weekend break. Many eagerly asked to pose for pictures with him and seeks his autograph.

By Monday, the congressman and senatorial candidate was back in Manila - and back to the grind of criss-crossing the entire country together with his fellow candidates in the NP ticket.