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Marcos, Villar Tour in Ilocos Region

Press Releases
8 April 2010

villar-bbmThe Nacionalista Party led by presidential candidate Manny Villar and senatorial candidate Bongbong Marcos brought its campaign this week to the Ilocos Region, the traditional bailiwick of the Marcoses.

In a press conference with local media, Bongbong defended Villar against his detractors saying his party mate splendidly rose from poverty and truly became “the champion of the poor.”

He commented on the Liberal Party’s recent swipe at Villar that the senator and his family were not once impoverished.

“It is really a nonsensical thing to discuss the level of poverty that a person is in. It is not in any way an effective way to measure the ability of a person to lead. Our goal in NP is to elevate the level of debate towards party platforms and track records,” Marcos said.

The Ilocano congressman accompanied Villar and toured the provinces of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and La Union and wasted no time in defending the NP presidential candidate against the latest issues that have haunted Villar recently.

“The truth is that he (Villar) was really living in abject poverty long ago. With this experience, he can readily empathize with the poor because he himself was once in a similar situation. You do not have to explain to him how it feels to be poor,” Bongbong added.

The NP candidates returned to the campaign trail after a brief Holy Week respite.

“It really feels good to be back home again. I am pleased that our Ilocano kababayans extended a very warm welcome to our party’s standard bearer, Senator Manny Villar,” Bongbong said.

The congressman from the north and Senator Villar met with local NP candidates in Laoag City before going to the Bangui Wind Farm. The duo then proceeded to the town of Badoc in Ilocos Sur where they were the special guests in the inauguration of the municipal hall.

Former congresswoman Imee Marcos also affirmed the expected solid support of Ilocanos for the NP presidential bet.

“Even when Senator Villar first ran for a senatorial position, the Ilocanos already knew that he is a leader of top caliber. They love him and I am sure that this affection will be expressed in the upcoming polls,” she said.

Former first lady Imelda Marcos was also present during the numerous activities of the NP slate in Ilocos Norte.