Marcos to DOLE: Don't Turn Blind Eye To Oppressive Contractualization

9 November 2015

Bersyon sa Filipino.

Sen. Bongbong Marcos today deplored the practice of Oppressive Contractualization, the so-called “5-5-5” labor contract, which stifles and defeats the constitutional guaranty of security of tenure.

"There is 1 contractual worker for every 3 rank and file employee among the country’s entire workforce who are underpaid and barred from receiving additional financial benefits on top of their basic pay,” Marcos cited.

Marcos expressed alarm that this Oppressive Contractualization is becoming rampant, now more so becoming the industry’s standard to which DOLE seems to want to turn a blind eye to, "There is a need to put a tight grip in the compliance of laws governing contractual employees. This should go hand in hand with strict monitoring from DOLE."

“The practice of some companies today, summed as "5-5-5" cuts the life of a labor contract to last for only 5 months. Corollary to this is coined as “ENDO” or “end of contract”, the last string to tie the devious knot. This is the period where the 5-month contract of the worker ends. If it reaches 6 months, the laborer would have to be put under regular status with full benefits as mandated by the Philippine Labor Code."

“Higit sa lahat ang mga manggagawa ng ating bansa ay dapat bigyan ng mahalagang paguunawa at protection na hindi sila madadaya ng kanilang empleyo.”