Marcos stops convoy to greet 96-year old loyalist

3 March 2016

A 96-year old man from Sta, Rosa, Laguna today braved the sun and heat just to see vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos during his campaign sortie in his city.

Miguel Tangonan, a resident of Masiit Labas and a self-proclaimed Marcos loyalist said he had always wanted to see the only son of his idol, the late President Ferdinand Marcos so that when he heard that the younger Marcos would conduct his sortie in his city, he made it a point to attend.

But the Ilocos Norte native almost missed the senator because the latter was already on his way out of the city hall on a convoy when he arrived. Luckily, the senator spotted him from the crowd and decided to alight from his car to personally greet him and shake his hand.

The convoy stopped for a minute as two exchanged well wishes.

Tangonan, who has a stooped posture and could hardly hear, said he was happy that Marcos personally greeted him and hoped that he wins the vice presidency.

“Masaya ako. Sana manalo sya,” he said.