Marcos seeks to bolster farmers’ yields through mass production of quality seeds

1 March 2013

To help the country attain its goal of self-sufficiency in rice and corn supply, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. reiterated his proposed program for hybrid and other quality seeds production.

Marcos vowed to re-file in the coming 16th Congress his bill entitled “The National Seeds Production Act”.

He noted that while the Philippines recently cut down on rice importation, it has been the world’s biggest rice importer in the years past.

With burgeoning population growth and continued shrinking of the 4 million hectares of land used for rice production due to expansion of industries and subdivisions, Marcos said it is essential to improve the yields of our farmers.

He noted that according to studies, 35% of the total yield increase could be attributed to the use of high quality seeds.

The senator said that while the enactment of Republic Act No. 7308, or the “Seeds Industry Development Act of 1992” increased farm productivity by developing quality seeds, the program is not as comprehensive as it should be.

Marcos said the establishment of a seeds production program will greatly enhance productivity by providing the farmers with quality, hybrid and affordable seeds, as well as the needed technical and other support services.