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Marcos recommends ‘officers for substance abuse’ in all localities nationwide

Press Releases
6 December 2015

Bersyon sa Filipino.

Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" R. Marcos today recommended the appointment of ‘Officers for Substance Abuse’ in all local government units to conduct drug education for students, parents, school officials, and in private and government offices in their respective communities, such as what is ongoing in Cebu.

“The drug problem has become one of the main factors in the deterioration of peace and order. It stimulates the perpetuation of crimes.”

“The Cebu ‘Officer for Substance Abuse’ has been working in cooperation with the law enforcers to diminish if not eradicate drug users. It would be great if this was replicated nationwide.”

“We must also look into the improvement of facilities and services especially in government-supported drug rehab centers.”

Marcos recommended the institution of an attractive reward system, providing cash incentives and security for tipsters against drug lords and syndicates.

“Police visibility, or the deployment of additional police forces, particularly in densely populated areas prone to the highest rates of criminality helps along with the strict implementation of the 24-hour manning of all police precincts.”

Marcos said border patrols such as the PNP Maritime Command and the Airport Police will only be effective if these law enforcers are better equipped with more patrol boats, cars, computers and night vision goggles, to boost their capability in going after criminals.

“Definitely, stronger cooperation and sharing of information among international and local intelligence communities to pin down big time drug lords and syndicates must be enforced.”

In conclusion, Marcos encouraged the PNP leadership to continue to instill the culture of meritocracy in the police force through a more generous reward system for outstanding policemen and appropriate sanctions for poor performance.