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Marcos pushes for additional non-monetary benefits for teachers serving in 2016 elections

Press Releases
10 January 2016

Bersyon sa Filipino.

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. today called on the Commission on Elections to give teachers serving in the May 2016 elections additional benefits because of the failure of the poll body to increase their honorarium.

Marcos said with the retention of the P4,500 honorarium for the public school teachers serving as the Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs) in the May 2016 elections, they should be entitled to receive additional non-monetary benefits in the form of insurance coverage and other assistance to protect them and their families.

“Public school teachers are mandated by law to serve as poll workers and tasked to supervise the whole process of the elections, from opening to the closing of polling precincts. Despite their appeals for a raise, the Comelec is retaining their P4,500 honorarium, the same amount they received in the 2013 midterm polls.”

Marcos stated that teachers serving the elections should be given compulsory insurance coverage to make sure they are amply protected during the elections. Marcos cited cases where teachers’ lives are put on the line because of their role in the conduct of elections.

“Our teachers bear the brunt of election-related violence. They are exposed to violence during the voting and canvassing period with many of them getting hurt, subject to harassments and some even die in the line of duty. It is about time, they get additional benefits so they will get the protection they deserve,” Marcos asserted.

Marcos recommended that aside from insurance, teachers should be given medical benefits to ensure they recover from the stress they experience during the voting and canvassing period.

“Our teachers serve for 24 hours straight during the voting and canvassing period which takes a toll on their health. They should be given free medical check-ups, medicines and supplements to help them recover,” Marcos stressed.

Further, Marcos also suggested, “Given that many teachers face legal cases as a result of their role in the elections, the Comelec should also see to it that they are well represented in the courts. One of the complaints I receive from our teachers is that they are hailed to court for doing their job but they are lamentably just left on their own to fight their battles. So, the Comelec must be vigilant that they get legal assistance.”

“Public school teachers play an indispensable role in the conduct of elections which the government should recognize and give importance to. We cannot overemphasize the important role our teachers play for our country’s democratic process and we should at least give them some recognition for the sacrifices they give by ascertaining that they are compensated on time and protected in the conduct of their duties,” Marcos concluded.