Marcos pursues proposal to establish National Internship Program

25 February 2013

As the graduation season draws near, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. renewed his call for a comprehensive program to train college level students for work in the public sector during summer.

Marcos intends to pursue the idea by re-filing in the coming 16th Congress his bill seeking to establish a National Internship Program, which calls for a standardized program for all participating interns and agencies.

The measure proposes to create a National Secretariat as the central authority standardizing the National Internship Program, tasked with approving the Annual Comprehensive Internship Program submitted by government agencies, instrumentalities and government-owned-and controlled-corporations (GOCC), which seek to avail of the services of the national interns.

Under the proposed measure, the program shall be open to all college or vocational school students who have completed 50% of their prescribed curriculum, or its equivalent, provided that the student is above 18 years old.

The duration of the program shall not be longer than 300 hours and shall be available during the summer breaks of schools in the months of April and May.

Through the National Internship Program, Marcos said the government opens its doors for the Filipino youth who are studying to become educated professionals and skilled members of the workforce, at the same time creating an opportunity to bolster its forces while working hand-in-hand with the youth sector.