Marcos: Beef up police patrol in u-belts to protect students against illegal drug syndicates

Press Releases
29 January 2014

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. has batted for a beefed up police presence in university belts and school zones to keep narcotics from reaching the students.

Marcos’ proposal came following the admission of the Philippine National Police (PNP) that the notorious Sinaloa drug cartel of Mexico has started shabu (methamphetamine) operation in the Philippines.

In a statement, Marcos said the regular number of police personnel patrolling the streets surrounding university areas with the primary duty of thwarting petty crimes with students as the usual victims should be doubled and be alerted on possible surge of drug peddling in the streets as a result of the operation of the Mexican drug ring and other groups.

“There is a need to increase policemen patrolling university and school zones because of this alarming information. With the discovery of the entry of the Sinaloa drug cartel, we have a reason to believe that selling of shabu and other illicit drugs in these areas will rise,” he said.

Marcos said a special training should also be given to policemen deployed to man the streets on how to instantly spot a drug pusher in a crowd based on their behavior and apprehend them before they can deal drugs with their likely victims.

“They (pushers) roam near universities and schools acting normally but operating discreetly. Our operatives should be taught to identify them in order to arrest them immediately,” he said.

Late last month, the PNP admitted discovering evidence that members of Sinaloa drug cartel are already setting up illegal drugs operation in the Philippines.

The admission came following the confiscation by the police of 84 kilos of shabu worth P420 million and arrest of a Chinese national and a Filipino couple in Batangas City. Police said the shabu could be traced to the Sinaloa drug syndicate.

Just recently, police nabbed a suspected big-time drug dealer and his three cohorts after they were intercepted in Paranaque City and discovered in their van crates of shabu worth P1.36 billion.

“As drug syndicates become bolder, our police department together with other anti-illegal drug units of the government should be more aggressive in running after them, dismantling their organizations, and putting them to jail,” Marcos said.