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Manila Standard Today - Marcos admits presidential run will be ‘difficult’

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10 July 2015

By Macon Ramos-Araneta | Manila Standard Today

Featured-image-Manila-Standard-TodayIT WOULD be difficult to run for President or for any national position without a strong political machinery, Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said Thursday.

“If you run for governor, you can do it even without a political party; it’s just a province. If you run for mayor, you can also do it,” Marcos said.

“But if go national, you cannot do it if you don’t have a strong machinery.”

The Liberal Party will presumably endorse Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II, but Marcos said the ruling party had not yet done it.

He also said the Nacionalista Party, where he belongs, had not declared its plans for the May 2016 elections and neither had the Nationalist People’s Coalition. 

“Neither has Lakas. None of the parties have taken a position yet, so it is still difficult to know the political landscape,” Marcos said.

He said this was the reason he had yet to make a decision for the coming elections, and mainly because the political situation remained fluid.

But he considers himself very lucky because he has all the options. “I can run for president. I can run for barangay captain. Everything is available to me,” Marcos said.

He said he was prepared for the possible cases that might be filed against him should he run for President because the Marcos family had not lost a single case filed against them.

He said Senator Grace Poe was still “a little tentative” about running for President, but he felt Poe would get there.

“She’s a possible contender because her numbers are significant,” Marcos said referring to to Poe’s survey results.

Asked on the possible tandem with Poe in the coming elections, Marcos told the forum in jest: “It’s difficult to campaign for siblings.”

Poe is rumored to be an illegitimate child of Marcos’ father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos, but Marcos Jr. said that was not true.