The Manila Times - Politicians cross party-lines for Marcos

13 February 2016

The Manila Times

Manila timesMangaldan, Pangasinan: Some politicians in the province of Pangasinan have crossed party lines and threw their support behind the vice presidential candidacy of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

“There is a long list of politicians who crossed party lines. Let me give you a prime example: the two groups that are running for governor are both friends of mine and, of course, Mark Cojuangco, his father is my ninong (godfather) and has been a very close family member. I have asked them both for their support and they have both said that they will support me,” Marcos told reporters Friday during a stopover at the Trishland Resort here, after a caravan from Pozorrubio to Manaoag, San Jacinto and San Fabian.

“When I asked for help, although at times they have commitments at the national level, they readily gave their consent and that’s because of the goodwill established in the past.

And I think I have managed to forge an identity for myself so that is the continuing support that we have been receiving,” he added.

The Ilocano lawmaker said Pangasinan’s support is important for him to complete the “Solid North” vote. The province has 1.6 million voters, the third largest after Cebu and Cavite.

Pangasinan has six districts, comprising one independent city (Dagupan), three component cities (Alaminos, San Carlos, and Urdaneta), and 44 municipalities.

Marcos’ caravan made a round of the towns and cities of Pangasinan, namely Mapandan, Santa Barbara, Malasiqui, San Carlos City, Calasiao and Dagupan City.

Marcos capped his sortie with a visit to Archbishop Socrates Villegas.