Manila Standard - Twice weekly

11 December 2020

By Emil Jurado | Manila Standard

"There was a time I felt I was Superman."

This is an advance notice.

Starting next week, this column will appear twice weekly from the usual thrice. I have decided to take it easy since at 93, I am no longer a spring chicken.

I thought about this long and hard because there are just too many issues to write about. However, when I don’t feel well, my doctors tell me to lessen my activities.

In my younger years, I thought I could do anything. My gulay, would you believe there was a time when I had a daily column, a daily radio program, and a twice-weekly television show? I felt I was superman!

As a young journalist, I used to file columns in advance when I had to go abroad. I don’t know how I did it.

Those were the days, indeed. I was awarded Best Television Commentator, Best Radio Commentator, Journalist Personality Writer.

At 93, I often ask myself why I have not retired. My answer is if I do, I will just become a problem to my wife and children, especially to Nina in whose house we are now staying.

There is a bigger reason why I can’t retire. As a journalist, I don’t have a retirement plan. I guess I will just have to keep on pounding on my typewriter until I write “30.”

This is my destiny. I have always wanted to be a lawyer – in fact I took up law and passed the Bar. I worked briefly as a junior partner for a firm.

Somehow, the printer’s ink got into my blood in 1950, when I went to Cotabato City with my friend Rudy Tupas to put up the provincial weekly, the Mindanao Cross.

After two years, I came back to Manila, taught at Ateneo before it became a university.

But the best thing happened to me in Cotabato. That was where I met my wife, Trinidad K. Capistrano, who was on summer vacation. I pursued her and we got married in 1955.

I have been a journalist for over 70 years now, still using my typewriter and not quite learning how to use a computer. Mindset, I guess. In those 70 years, I covered 10 presidents, saw history in the making and walked the corridors of power.

I cannot end this without saying to Adelle Chua, my editor – thank you so much for your patience. She has been editing my column for the past 14 years.


I have to give it to Alphaland Chairman and CEO Bobby Ongpin. He has restored the Balesin Island Club to its state before the devastation brought by Typhoon Ulysses. This signature property development is nearest to his heart.

Guests have been coming to Balesin for its COVID-free environment.

To add to the excitement of this holiday season, Balesin has imported entertainers and chefs to make the experience memorable for its guests.

Congratulations to Bobby, my former student.


If I am not mistaken, there are already three vaccines considered for distribution to Filipinos by March next year. Pfizer (and BioNTech), AstraZeneca and Moderna are the manufacturers.

There are many other vaccines offered in the Philippines, but the government is being very careful.

All we can do is hope and pray. At least, now we see light at the end of the tunnel.


The impeachment case filed against Associate Justice Marvic Leonen must be taken seriously. He is accused of not providing his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.

He has also failed to resolve at least 85 cases on his desk. The Constitution is clear that cases must be resolved within 24 months. How lazy and negligent!