Manila Standard Today - Marcos pushes Kadiwa store revival

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8 January 2016

By Macon Ramos-Araneta | Manila Standard Today

Featured-image-Manila-Standard-Today.jpgTo address the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities and help farmers get the best price for their crops, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.  on Thursday pressed  for  the revival of  the Kadiwa Store system.

Marcos  said the Kadiwa stores can offer  the public lower prices and  eventually help    them cope with the exorbitant cost of commodities.

“Before, commodities are being sold at farmgate prices. It would seem that you are buying directly from the farmers,”   the senator  said  referring to the Kadiwa system during the Marcos administration.

Marcos  said that the Kadiwa system enabled the public to buy goods at cheaper rates and the farmers to sell their crops without having to worry about transportation costs, eliminating also the middle men who force prices up.

The senator, who is vying for the vice presidency, said that for prices to stay steady, the government should buy the goods when the supply is excessive and sell them when stocks are inadequate.

“If  the prices of goods are still cheap, the government    should buy them and release them to the public so the cost will still be the same,” he said.

He also scored the current system in government which is more focused on importation rather than on giving priority to the needs of the farmers.

Marcos also emphasized the need to save the “dying” farm  sector in the country in the face of the Asean integration.

“What we can say  is that the country’s agricultural sector is gasping for breath. We should remedy the situation because import limit will be removed with the integration,’’  Marcos said.

At present, we only have up to a few more tons of import with the Asean integration. We have to be prepared especially the agriculture sector,” said Marcos.